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    Ok heres my situation:

    im doing an anatomy course this sem so i want to be able to use netters anatomy that ive bought. Im on a 1.1.4 iPoT and i have the 2.1 firmware. Am i able to like make a backup of all my apps +settings + etc of my 1.1.4 so when i upgrade to 2.1 use netters till my course ends then revert back to my 1.1.4 JB? is that at all possible?

    thank you!

    okay 1 last question: (this would solve my my entire problem) are the apps like mxtube, pockettouch, notes, flashlight, agilemobile, islsk, mxtube etc are all those apps able to be run on 2.1 JB? sorry for the noob questions :x

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