!!Backing Up the Main Partition to the Computer!!

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by ecbtln, Aug 15, 2008.

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    !!Connect to iPod touch Filesystem via USB for Mac OS X!!

    My ipod's video card, or at least i assume that's what it was, died. At that time the wi-fi was off as well as the ssh. The iPod can still sync with iTunes, it just has no video output and thus i cannot interact with the ipod. I would like to retrieve a few files off of it before i go the the apple store to get it replaced, meaning that i cannot void the warranty and open the ipod and take out the flash drive. Notably, I would like my notes as well as the roms that i had on my ipod. When i originally jailbroke my ipod, i clearly remember using iphuc to literally copy everything from one partition of the ipod, to a disk image, editing it, then putting it back on the ipod. How can i back up the music or var, whatever u call it, partition of my ipod back to my computer using iphuc and or any other utility. Also, i attempted to use iphuc but i need libreadline. Unfortunately, i cannot locate this package anywhere on the internet. Thanks for the help. Also, the total commander solution will not work for me because the computer my ipod is synced with is mac and, since my ipod had a password, the only way to interact with it is by first unlocking it with the computer it is synced with.
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    iPod's have video cards? I thought they used a direct PPOe link to interact with the touch screen. But I guess the best way is SSH, but how do you know your iPod is even on? What if it is a zombie from the netherlands waiting for its prey? What if I went crazy?

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