Backgrounder - Slowing phone app down?

Discussion in 'iOS Jailbreak & Cydia' started by Spartigus, Nov 4, 2008.

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    The main reason i wish to JB is to use backgrounder. Once i jailbreak, my device works perfectly, it is still just as fast. Now when i install backgrounder, but i dont set any apps to run in background, my phone app opens up very slowly, but the rest of my apps open up nomrally.

    Now when i set an app to run in the background, some apps open slowly and some are normal (i know this probably cant be helped because i have an app in the background).

    When i dont have anything running in the background, is there a way to make the phone app run normally and smoothly, because its really bugging me lol. Also is there any way i can make my apps open smoother with backgrounder when im backgrounding an app?


    I find it funny that there is sooo much whinging here about how there are so many junk threads and how people never search, most threads here with replies are just replies about how people never search, and now this one is a real thread and no one has replied after 24 hours.... Thats just sad....
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    well there is no real way unless backgrounder gets an update
    as far as i know
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    Very old thread this, but the original poster may still be following so...

    Stop your whinging

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    Maybe there isn't a reply because your question is fairly specialised and no one has come along with enough experience to answer it. I feel inclined not to help but I nevertheless will...

    I have installed backgrounder and have not observed any appreciable slowdown when it is not in use.To test your theory I uninstalled and reinstalled and saw no appreciable change in memory usage (I used the app Memory Status to check) and no slowdown in the I am also on an iPhone 3G with 2.1 firmware fyi.

    Have you tried a hard reset? Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling backgrounder to see if the problem persists? Do you have any memory hogging applications like Intelliscreen installed or maybe some heavy load Winterboard themes?

    Of course, as you said, when you start backgrounder your backgrounded app will be using up memory so you should expect other apps to run slower and possibly even crash if they are memory intensive. Best to flush your memory first by restarting your device.

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