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    So I originally bought my ipod touch off ebay for 150$ when they were 300$ and it had a cracked screen.I lived with this cracked screen for about 6 months and I looked at its warrenty information.Amazingly it was still under warrenty.So I headed off to a town 2 hours away to have a nice chat with apple.They told me it was not covered by the warrenty so i sighed and asked about my wifi as it had been having a few problems as of late.I accedently forgot it still had the jailbreak bootup logo XD and he told me their was nothing he could.

    SO about 2 months later my screen got cracked again and spiderwebed while working with my dad.He felt bad about it and when and bought me a new screen off ebay for 15$.I decided to take apart my baby and I began opening her.Getting the back case off was super hard and ended up putting some dents in it but I made it x_X after getting to the screen I pushed out the old and did all the junk.I put it back together and snapped it shut and noticed it was not snapping all the way back.I said oh well and i turned it. To my amazament everything went perfect and their it sat with a shiny new hour later i said id check out the app store and maybe some youtube videos when I noticed I had no internet.So i walked straight next to the router....nothing...

    Ive opened the thing 4 times now.I see where the little ribbon on the back makes it to that contact point but Im either
    A)Not hitting it
    B)Part of it broke off while taking off the case.

    IS their anyway I can reroute around the little thingy? Like solder a wire to the contact and then like tape the wire around that gold ribbon coming off the back cover? Im desperate to get my wifi back.

    Everything works fine except wifi.I know its the antenna because i didnt hit anything while working on the screen. I can see the gold ribbon and the contact on the wifi card. Touch is a 1st gen.

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