Azure Dreams, Spyro the Dragon Psx4iphone hel!!!

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    Hey, everyone. So I have the roms Azure Dreams and Spyro the Dragon. (I also have scph1001.bin sonno probs there.) Azure Dreams doesn't boot. First t says "scph1001.bin not found!" then it crashes. But Here's something I took from another one of my posts...

    Okay... I have Spyro 1 (NTSC-U) and whenever I start (It's always portrait mode) It says the scph1001.BIN isn't found, then a few sconds later, I see:
    Universal Globe logo
    Upon the menu I see (on the right side) a jumble of colors and lines... Sound is almost fine though. What is wrong???
    Oop... turns out scph1001.BIN must be all lowercase. Either way, the line is still on the side. I'm also having some control pad issues... During the intro, I'm supposed to press start. When i do, however, nothing happens. Help??
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    Nevermind... Got it to work. Both Spyro and Azure Dreams, although AD runs better than any game I've tried on psx4iphone.

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