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    i have several ideas. which i'm not opposed to trying to do myself. but as my programming experiance is not with any of these languages i wanted to make sure my ideas are possible before investing the time to learn more modern languages. (my current job is no longer programming)

    please let me know which ones are possible, which ones are not, and which ones might be once the sdk is released.

    first up, the ability to have the ipod touch auto pause the current song and turn off when the car is turned off. the ipod touch will be connected to the car via the cigarette lighter. and then conversly turn on when it senses the car turning on, and continue the song. i believe having this would make it the perfect car mp3 player. and it's functionality my 6 year old car cd/mp3 player already has. i feel almost like i've downgraded without it. or conversly, is this something more possible if it's connected to the radio via the connector cable instead of just an audio line in?

    second, a way to disable the slider. as it will be a car mp3 player for me, i have no use for the slider when the unit turns on to unlock it. accidental touches are impossible when mounted to the car. or maybe as a work around, a program that slides the slider for you upon startup, if it cant be disabled.

    and finally, on the album art screen, a way to switch the volume control with the song progress controls. i control the volume through my car stereo. i would much rather have the progress bar, time, time left, ect always visible at the bottom of the screen. it seems like if i had enough access to the code those would be trivial to switch. but i dont know how much access i am able to get.

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