Aurora Feint II: The Arena - Not Compatible?

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    I've looked on the forums already, and tried googling to no avail.

    Erm, I'm on a Jailbroken 1g iPod Touch, firmware 2.1

    I've got Aurora Feint: The Beginning Lite,

    But when i try to get The Arena, is says it's incompatible with my device. From what i've found, it should be compatible with 2.1, and i haven't found any ipod touch users complaining that they can't get it.

    Is there anyone with 2.1 that can confirm that they can actually get it?

    Also, do i have the following correct?

    Aurora Feint: The Beginning Lite - Is a full game w/o multiplayer.
    Aurora Feint II: The Beginning - Has added community stuff.
    Aurora Feint II: The Arena - Is the full game with Multiplayer / community stuff
    Aurora Feint II: Tower Puzzles - Is a seperate game with more tower like puzzles.

    Thanks for any help. The game's really good, can't stop playing.

    Edit: AHH!, nm says in the itunes store in itunes that it requires 2.2 *sigh* ah well.. will have to update then.

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