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    My mum got her Ipod primarily for getting audiobooks, the man said when she bought it, that it was simple and easy to transfer audiobook files from her PC to the ipod, soon after she had the biggest trouble getting them on Itunes. She is now considering another generic MP3 player. What I am wondering is there a 3rd party application that makes it simple and easy to convert and import audiobooks from a CD to Itunes?

    Thanks in advance.
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    If what you have are cds, what you can do is rip them into mp3 files.

    In my case, I downloaded a software for this, "mp3 to Ipod audiobook converter" It worked quite nicely. sometimes it fails, maybe because of the mp3's weren't good, or something about the filenames. I'm not sure.

    What it does is it converts your mp3s into .mb4 format. that would be the audiobook format for the Ipod. it also compiles everything, so you have all chapters organized in one big file.

    Im running Windows though. But I guess there is one (or tons) also for mac.

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