Audiobooks: Type Mp3 and IpodTouch

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by schnab, Apr 29, 2009.

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    To have maximum compatibility with many mobile Devices i save my Audiobooks as mp3's. With Itunes 8 it is possible to put them in the audiobooks category.
    When i tranfers them on my IpodTouch they appear under "audiobooks" but they are named by part 1 of 80 (for example, the audiobook had 8cds, each with 8 tracks) and part 2 of 80 and so on.
    But it stops with 10 of 80 and begins again with 1 of 80 (obviously the second CD's).
    How is it possible to sort them like 1 of 80 to 80 of 80. The tag should be all right. Cd X of Y and track U of Z are set.

    Is it possible with Itunes to combine several Mp3? I ripped my Cd's without merging the tracks before. I'd like to do it now without reripping them.


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