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    I don't know how to explain my proem properly but I will it a go

    I'll be listenig. To an audiobook on my iPod and the files are split into respectable sizes/lengths (40 min max) and I will pause it at a random time (say 23:30) then I'll turn it off or let it go into sleep mode when I come back to it I will turn it on again but when I resume play the time will stay at the same point (23:30) but the audio will skip back 2 minutes or so, this means that the audiobook will get to the end of the chapter (that's how I separate them) but the story will not have finished. It will then go from 0.00 remaining to 00:03 and feeze for about 10 seconds if I try to start the chapter again it starts normally but when I skip to the part I missed even more will be missing off the end. If it let it play without sleeping it is fine. I have never had this problem before and was wondering if there is anything I can do

    I would normally re-sync it but as I am home from uni my desktop is not available.

    Thanks if you Can help

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