Audio out discrepancy between 1G & 3G (not the same ol' AV cable question)

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    Hello All - I'm really confused about audio out differences between 1G & 3G.

    Greetings Touch Fans. Thanks for having me in the fora. I'm hoping a knowledgeable Touchie can help me.

    I've read all about the problems with 3rd party AV cables, and this is not another one of those posts. I have a 1st Gen Touch with firmware 3.1.2. I also have this dock: Basically, it seems that the dock just extends the 30-pin out (which shouldn't be news to this community). There are 2 ways to send the signal from the dock to my tuner: 1) aux/stereo plug-to-RCA jacks or 2) 30-pin-to-RCA jacks (like this: This setup works fine for playing tunes from my 1G Touch.

    My son has a 3rd. Gen Touch, also with firmware 3.1.2. When he uses the dock, the charging function works fine, but he cannot send any audio out. This is a pain. My guess is that this is a similar problem to the AV cable issue.

    Question: If this is a firmware issue, why does my Touch work with this dock when it has the same 3.x firmware.

    Any help is appreciated.

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