Audio Mysteriously Silent and Crackly?

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by zhuman, Jul 26, 2009.

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    I recently had the opportunity to buy a cheap second-hand first gen iPod touch from someone. However, it has one problem: the audio doesn't work. It had apparently been dropped several times and the audio got really quiet and then seemed to stop altogether. When listening to it now, you can hear small crackles every now and then, but the actual audio stream is nonexistent.

    At first I thought it was the headphone jack, so I tried putting it in a dock that has speakers. It gave exactly the same output: silence with some rare crackles. In order to rule out software, I "restored" OS 3.0 onto it (it had been running 2.0).

    All of that leads me to believe that a connection between the processor and the audio jack/dock, possibly one of the ribbon cables, has come just a little loose, justenough to prevent me from hearing anything. In some online videos I found of people taking it apart, they guessed that a small chip above the audio jack probably dealt audio, so the connection could be there.

    Because I haven't actually bought it from the guy yet (he let me borrow it to see if I could fix it), I don't want to try opening it to see it a ribbon cable or wire is loose in case I can't get it back together or I break something.

    Has anyone heard of this problem before? Does it sound like I probably can just open it and make sure all the ribbons are snug? Any other suggestions?

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