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    So simple yet so addictive, it is fun to tap ghost games, your task is to hit the ghost, so that they return to the original place. If you want to successfully cross the stage,do not emerge to fight the bomb!

    Have three modes:
    -Level mode
    -Time mode
    -Crazy mode

    Level mode: Can you achieve the highest level?
    Time mode: Have three difficulties, limit how much you can challenge it
    Crazy mode: If you thought that you are a godlike, come on to try it!

    When the ghost appear, your hand must to quickly focus on the vision by the specter of moving past the head beat it, and train your reaction speed and eyesight.
    When the hammer hit the ghost, the ghost will be vertigo, facial expressions are very funny.
    If you think you are strong enough,you can challenge high difficult.

    Tap tap ghosts is a very popular puzzle game, through the constant specter of outcrop with a hammer percussion to complete the game content, a combination of hand and brain training is very effective in the response sensitivity of people.

    Oh, forgot to tell you, not too frequent click on your screen, otherwise there will be accidents!


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