Argos Ipod Touch Warranty issues - water-related damage

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by Chill2908, Jul 17, 2010.

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    Hi all,
    a few months back I went to the Download Festival, and brought my Ipod Touch 2nd Gen with me.. (already seen a similar post- its a small world

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    ) Anyway, on the 2nd day, it rained heavily, and I had kept my Ipod in my pocket, to avoid theft - i was soaked from head to toe, and it was only when i got home i noticed my ipod behaved strangely..
    - the Ipod wouldn't turn on by pressing any buttons, and would only turn on if plugged in
    - The volume control to turn down the volume no longer worked, and the volume would often randomly go up to full without me pressing anything
    -The Ipod locked at random points, and the red bar message to "slide to turn off" also randomly started.
    - (personally the weirdest one) the volume controls locked the ipod and would bring up the red "switch off bar" too...
    There were also white dots and blotches everywhere on the screen.
    Now, my Argos warranty offers a 3 year breakdown cover, which I renewed after the first was used, (my previous touch's screen broke and was replaced with the current) and it seems to cover accidental breakage, but would I get a replacement, repair or refund if I took it to them?
    Thanks in advance guys, and sorry for the massively long post

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