are you a fan of iHunt 3d? i found something interesting...

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    there's a file called "todo" in the app folder. it's what he plans on adding in future updates. not a huge discovery or anything but thought it might be of interest to some people. here's what it says:

    //Experience points(less jittery, faster scope raising, faster reloading), cash
    //Ability to buy new gun, scent, camo, better scope, distance meter
    //gun info screen
    //New scenes (terrain, trees, etc)
    //'store' to buy those things
    //pop-out menu during gameplay
    //Wind, jitteryness
    //'missions' or levels (eg - all headshots, etc)
    //Smaller target zones (and two for body)
    //heads-up info (ammo, etc)
    //scope adjustable
    //Bucks and Doe
    //Deer behavior - react to camo and scent
    //tree location (order front-to-back)
    //Fix experience points and cash
    //Remember your stuff on startup
    //Deer move on hills
    //Ammo warning
    //Better (adjustable?) accelerometer
    //Reloading and vibrate
    //Adjust season for full hunt
    //times of day detect by clock in phone
    //Help screen
    //Memory management

    //Low-res deer when zoomed in and Y-axis above sea level
    //other performance improvements
    //back button from full hunt
    //new deer death animation
    //shoot dead deer bug

    //hit geese with bow
    //change weapon (animation?)
    //new textures for shotgun-hit deer & goose & fix for arrow-hit
    //sound for new weapons
    //switch weapons control (and icon)
    //shotgun animation?
    //shotgun aim
    //store additions
    //controls for bow
    //disable fire button when reloading
    //make sure can't use controls during animations like arrow firing, etc.
    //reorder trees to avoid depth issue
    //fix arrow misfire thing
    //smooth out walking deer
    //experience points for hitting with different weapons
    //full animation during bow shot?
    //fix doe textures (idiot)
    //show animals longer after hit with shotgun & fix shotgun hit thing
    //fix ammo message on main menu
    //shotgun extra experience points?

    failsafe 'fall through' fixes
    //fire button size (bigger)
    //shotgun navigation method?
    //memory check

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