Are all my bookmarks gone?

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by kodaholic, Aug 11, 2010.

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    I just recently jailbroke my 2G MB 8GB touch using redsn0w. I really like all the new things I can do with it now. But unfortunately, back when I was first jailbreaking it I did a restore that brought up an error window I've never seen before or since. I think it happened fairly early on in the restore. Anyway, after the error window my touch was blank. So I held down the power and home buttons to force a reboot and then synced it to iTunes. All my apps came back, in generic positions. I've already dug down a ways into the backup files iTunes makes every time you do a restore with no luck. Is there anyway possible that all my bookmarks are still in there somewhere or are all my old bookmarks all gone. I've still got all the old backups so if there's some way to find those bookmarks in the finder then I should be good to go.

    It seems that iTunes is ultra-paranoid when doing restores. Which is why I'm still hoping there's a way to get my old bookmarks back. Is it possible that my redsn0w jailbreak screwed up the iTunes restore?

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