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Discussion in 'iTunes' started by dodman, Nov 29, 2008.

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    Nov 29, 2008
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    I have an Archos 20gb MP3 player that's dying and I want to replace it with a 30gb ipod touch. I'm currently trying to transfer my collection to itunes and it's driving me crazy.

    My Archos holds my collection in three main folders. Each folder is subdivided into maybe half a dozen sub folders, each called by an artists name. Inside each 'artist sub folder' there are 'album' subfolders.

    For example, the main folders are 1, 2 and 3. Inside 1, one of the subfolders is Mike Oldfield. Inside 'Mike Oldfield' are folders called 'Millenium Bell', 'Harvest Ridge', etc, which are ripped CDs; but also folders called 'Live in Hamburg 88', 'Best early stuff', etc, which are compilations I've found online or put together myself.

    This pattern is repeated with innumerable artists.

    I've also got a folder called 'singles', which is made up of about 200 of my favourite tracks, some from my collection, but mostly individual songs downloaded from various sources. Often they're not even named.

    Another section holds my 'spoken word' mp3s. They're similarly filed in folders and sub folders. Some are ripped CDs, some old tapes turned into mp3s, some downloads.

    Importing all this into itunes results in an amazing mishmash of confusion. Some, easily recognised albums are there with names and occasionally covers. There are loads of 'unknown' albums, often filled with dozens of numbered, nameless tracks, usually with three or four tracks of the same number. My spoken word mp3s are in there, too, rather than in the Audiobook book library; and nothing has a name, only a track number.

    The thought of reorganising this into recognisable playlists is harrowing.

    Is there any way of replicating the folder and file organisation I've grown used to with my simple 'drag and drop' Archos using itunes? Or, failing that, using some other software that can be used with an ipod touch? Or, failing that, drag and drop my folders directly onto my ipod touch?
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    iPod touch
    well iPods and iTunes dont support folder format...they go by metadata
    it automatically organizes them into atrists and albums and stuff lyk tat...
    but if u dont hav the metadata, gud luk cause it took me a week with 2 hrs spent each day on organizing all ur data BUT TOTALY WORTH IT

    if u got songs tat dont hav this...there are automatic metadata fetchers
    Soundcrack is amazing on windows
    GimmeSomeTune is amazing for Mac
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    iPhone 3G (Black)
    MP3Tag&Rename works for pc. I miss the drag and drop of my archos. But so many features with a Touch that it's worth the change.

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