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Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by marciopq, Jul 9, 2008.

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    Jul 6, 2008
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    hey, i jailbreaked my ipod touch 1.1.4 with ziphone and it worked perfectly.. the installer... the installer update.. all the apps... every single thing.. what didnt worked. an indicated "fix" would do...

    than i installed CYDIA... didnt like it so decide to restore my ipod and do it all over again
    and now the installer FREEZEs.

    i've searched this question for almost an straight day.. and tryed restoring and doing staff in all ways possible...

    the only thing that i can imagine now that i've searched nd tryed everything is that:

    when u restore the ipod... i doesnt delete ALL the files... and leave just the "original" one...
    so, some archive in some folder that cydia left maybe affecting the use of INSTALLER

    if anywone could provide me a list with the folders and archives that comes on a "clean" new ipod i'd be thankfull


    ps. in my search for this question... i've read about installer freezing diferent stages... but i suspect that independently of where it freezes.. its the same problem for all

    tnks marciopq
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    iPod touch
    umm no? Ziphone has some glitches sometimes where it may affect Installer or your Cache system. So you need to re-restore it and re-Ziphone it. But if you dont want to use ziphone there is the possibility of getting iLiberty+. People say its safer and seems to be less glitchy. So google search iLiberty+ and download that.

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