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    So i'm running pwned 2.0.2 on my ipod touch. I was enjoying both JB apps and free apps from the app store. When I went to update one of my free apps today I went into the app store on my Ipot, clicked the update, it did its thing and DLed but now I get the "The application "whatever it is (in this case it was Auroa Feint and Shakespeare" cannot be opened.

    Any suggestions on how I can run my apps? I'd rather not delete Aurora Feint if there is a quick fix since I have data form my game on there and whatnot. If I delete the app the resync it should I have the same problems? Will I lose my data?
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    Experienced the same thing, got it to work finally after half an hour or so by going to
    iTunes -> Store -> Authorize computer -> Resync

    If you have already authroized your computer, uncheck the applications that are posing as a problem to you and sync it. This would remove the applications. Deauthorize and Re authorize again. Restart everthing both computer and Ipodtouch/iphone and viola! everything is working again.

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    Hope I helped

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