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    ..let me start with this:

    • I'm not a developer - I'm a happy iPhone-User
    • Don't corrupt my ideas please - as I said: These are only ideas!!
    • I'm sorry that my english is not as good as yours but I think you'll understand everything

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    1. MMS for the iPhone

    ...I know there is SwirlMMS - but there needs to be another solution - one for free!!

    my idea:
    I'm T-Mobile user, so I can only think of this: (but I think other users from different services canaccess theire MMS like this too
    ...T-Mobile users can access there MMS's on '''' when you log in your account (password & loginname).

    isn't it possible to make an application which auto-login's you when you
    open it and automatically showes you the MMS?? (as I said - I'm NOT a developer - I just want to give developers some ideas)

    i think there is no need to send MMS when you can send an email (I never wanted to send a MMS since I got my iPhone)..nowadays nearly everybody has phone where you can recive emails ...and oh, the iPhone has the ability to send images through email.

    2. System-Strings

    Nearly everybody remembers ''customize'' ..but actually nobody remakes the app for the new FW, which is really sad!
    I know that there is winterboard..but with winterboard you can't edit the Systemstrings - which was my favourite thing in customize

    I think it's not really a big deal to make a programm to change the Systemstrings (NOTE: I just think its not a big deal)
    ..would be a good ''start-application'' for new developers in my oppinion.

    BTW there is also a programm for Fonts - so don't come up with your manual SSH editing of the Systemstrings - it's just annoying and you can also edit fonts manual but somebody made an app to make it easier

    what do you think ??

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