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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Jelly, Apr 19, 2010.

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    Now that we have seen what Apple's new iPhone will look like (it has a lot of proof towards it--e.g. Apple wanting it, the innards, 4.0 software claims, etc.) How will Apple make their new iPod?

    Usually, iPod touches get better or equivalent hardware than the latest iPhone, so do you think the new iPod touch would have a better screen, and (not to open old wounds) a camera?

    IMO, the new iPod touch will have bigger screens while the new iPhone will have smaller screens. The iPod touch is Apple's "gaming device". They want bigger, better screens for their gaming generation. But, not too big so touchers can still keep their music in their pocket. Some people can afford iPads, but those who can't, stick with the iPod touch.

    Apple is trying to define differences between the iPhone and iPod touch and maybe generate a new target audience. That's just my little schpeel. Contradictions? I know there's always a few.

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    I can't afford an ipad so i have an ipod touch just what you said, If the new ipod touch had a camera i would get it, but if it just has a new OS or something small theres no point in upgrading.

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