Apple's future (my $0.02)

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by Baggy Spandex, Sep 9, 2009.

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    I'm hearing alot of people whining about the event and the lack of iPod touch talk. So here's where my mind wandered into the reasoning behind their actions. It's pretty much useless banter of ideas, so only read on if you're truly bored, or high.

    With the release of the new iPod nano, I feel apple played it correctly with such a minor nod to the iPod touch 3g. They are solidifying their role as the market crushing mobile music player manufacturer. The nano is small, now has a camera and mic, and has a large enough capacity to keep the title for a while. I feel like sales of the new nano will be good, in turn, opening their eyes to the fact we all think it's fun to have a camera and mic with us wherever we go. After said "nano effect" wears off, the iPod touch could undergo a huge transformation into something more desirable, and different than the iPhone instead of a slimmed-down iPhone with limited features. The touch is a great device as is, however Apple has yet to create any type of picture-focused iDevice, and an apple camera would most likely be sexy, touch screen and have amazing features. It could run iPhone OS still, just boast a real camera with all the goodies a real digital camera has. and then some. Remember this is all me ranting with no false-hope of it actually coming true.

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