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    I am one of thousands out there who are really thankful for what guys like devteam ect are doing, but never thought about donating money to this people ...
    But now where apple starts to get a "realy big one", including making money whatever it takes .... Yes i decided to donate .. the first time in my life. I could pay 20 bucs to get 5 usfull apps from apple ... or i can donate, whatever i think its worth for me to get much more than only 5 apps ....

    I am .. or I was such a big apple fan for years....I get much people in my circle of friends to buy apple products because i was such glowing.

    But as they started the ipod thing and making really much money, they begann to give a sh*t about people like us, peolpe how dont just use things as they are expected to, or people how dont think like : "Ohh .. its ok that my device is broken again...i will buy a new one" !

    I dont like the belief in an applesoft company ... its not the applefeeling anymore
    but, unfortunatly ... succsess will push them into that

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