Apple Ultracompact USB Power Adapter recall - how do you tell the difference?

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by MacGuyver, May 30, 2009.

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    I searched for this everywhere and am not seeing a definitive answer.

    Many of you know about the RECALL from September 2008 for Apple Ultracompact USB Power Adapters shipped with iPhones and perhaps through direct purchase as an accessory for an iPod. The basic issue is that the metal prongs have the potential to break off in a power outlet. Here is the official Apple page:

    Question: How do you tell if your Apple Ultracompact USB Power Adapter is *truly* a post-recall model? Apple simply added a green dot on the prong side, but this could be faked VERY easliy. Now there are a TON of these things for sale everywhere, all promising that they are the "green dot" versions. In fact I just bought one from Amazon. But now that I have it in my hand, I cannot tell you if the green dot was placed by Apple or by someone with a fraction of skill in using paint. There is an obvious problem: If the old ones were dumped by someone out there and purchased by various 3rd party resellers or fly-by-night sellers, or if some owner simply "dots" theirs and sells it online.

    The green dot appears in different locations on that side depending on the photo you look at. However, this could be something they do not control for and may depend on the equipment or who is working the manufacturing line that day. And I repeat the comment about how easy it is to fake these dots, so in my mind they are useless unless you received your power adapter direct from Apple.

    Another difference I have noticed is the metal prongs on some are square at the tip, while others are more tapered. See the link above for Apple's recall page. Look at the prongs in the 1st and 2nd photos. They are "squared" at the tips. Now look at the 3rd photo (with the green dot) and note the tapered, chiseled tips. Does this mean anything, or are the different prongs simply based on what batch the manufacturing plant poured in to the machine that day?

    Apple's official position may be to exchange or buy one from them directly (online or at Apple stores). Well, if you do not qualify for the exchange, you are looking at 1) spending more money for something that should have worked in the first place, and 2) wasting resources in shipping, materials, fuel, etc. And simply keeping yours introduces a potential hazard and/or damage to the AC outlet.

    Therefore, knowing if your power adapter is a legit "rev2" model is important.

    Unless there is another, definitive physical identifier we can look for (ASIDE from the green dot), having access to a serial number range that indicated which of these power adapters were bad would help tremendously.

    So the unique variables I have seen are:
    1. green dot (easily faked)
    2. prong tip style (does this mean anything?)
    3. serial number

    Any thoughts?

    EDIT: Forgot to add this link with non-Apple photos showing the different prongs:
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    I wouldn't worry too much either way. If it breaks off, pull out the fuse to shut off the power, pull the prong out with pliers, pitch it out, and buy a new one.

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