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    Guide to Apple Phone Support by Supertouch

    In this guide I will help you call Apple phone support successfully and get the results you want with minimal effort. I will also give you helpful tips and tricks to minimize your time and effort while dealing with Apple.

    The first thing to remember if you are considering calling Apple for support and possibly an iPod replacement is that if you couldn’t fix it, they won’t bother trying. Make sure you have tried putting your iPod into DFU mode. (Press and hold the home and power buttons for about eight seconds, then release ONLY the power button and continue to hold the power button for another ten seconds) DFU mode will erase all of the data on your iPod and should allow for a restore. If you have tried this and didn’t have any success then you are safe to call Apple care.

    Once you are ready to call them, make sure you have a lot of time available, wait times vary. I live in Canada; there is a separate support line for Canadians. I found the most success while calling more obscure numbers because they often were more interested in your problem and the majority spoke better English. Avoid language barriers. They frustrate you and the person trying to assist you. Here is the URL for all of the apple support numbers:

    Know exactly what you want when you call. Even if your iPod has physical damage, such as a broken screen, all hope may not be lost. If you find that your conversation is going nowhere, ask to speak to their supervisor. If they tell you they don’t have one, press the point farther.

    Finally, accept nothing but exactly what you want and only the best. It doesn’t hurt to point out that they advertise what is supposed to be a superior product. Tell them you expect that product. Don’t lose your cool; yelling will only further damage your chances of getting what you want.
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