apple mobile device driver and DFU mode.

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by lewis_, Jul 31, 2009.

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    iPod touch
    Ok, ive updated my 1g to 3.0, i want to jailbreak with red snow but everytime it gets to the stage of jailbreaking the program shuts down.

    My ipod has a unresponsive usb connector, so i have to get it in exactly the right spot if i want to sync it, so pressing buttons on my ipod, i think is moving it and disconnecting it from the computer.

    Is there anyway to enter DFU mode without pressing buttons. Ive tried ziphone, and a CMD command but i think that was for iphone only?

    Finally i get a apple mobile device driver not found error from windows when i plug my ipod in, could this be causing the unresponsiveness? Its definatly not a software issue on the ipod as ive updated it an its still unresponsive. Its either a hardware issue on the ipod or a software issue on the computer (driver).
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    Sorry, you have to press buttons to get into DFU mode.
    Try reinstalling iTunes though. You should get the driver back with that.

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