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    5G iPod touch
    USB doesn't see Touch

    The laptop is Vista Basic.

    Okay, I was running a cpu intensive video encoding software on my feeble laptop. iTunes (uninvited, and turned off inside iTunes) popped up when I plugged in my jailbroken iPod Touch 2G 3.0 because the battery was in the red and I find out Apple Mobile Device crashed.

    I know, because Windows "Problem Reports and Solutions" has this report:

    Okay, Apple Genius bar (the REAL Apple Genius bar):

    1. so was it cpu at 100%?
    2. so was it iTunes 8.2 beta detecting jailbreak?

    I did not install iTunes 8.2 beta but Apple does "push".

    I have checked Devices. Okay.
    I have checked Windows Updates. Okay.
    I did a Reboot.
    I had checked to see of Universal Plug n Play enabled. It is.
    AutoPlay still shows iPod touch "Ask me every time".
    AutoPlay settings are the same for camera: it works.
    DLO cable. Okay. I have recharged the iPod Touch off 110 VAC.

    I uninstalled and reinstalled iTunes. Did not solve the problem.

    Note: I had never installed libUSB.

    Here are the present symptoms:

    1. Windows "sees" my camera device in the USB.
    2. Windows does not "see" my iPod Touch device in any USB port.

    Was it the AT&T battery app crash at Install?

    Today, I downloaded Dockflow iPod Forever and tried to download AT&T battery. I have previously selected show no battery screen. It still does not. Maybe this is how AT&T battery app crashed during installation?

    Maybe this is the problem?

    edit: In Cydia, I got a Supreme Preferences upgrade notice, however "The requested modifications cannot be applied due to required dependencies or conflicts that cannot be automatically found or fixed". notice popped-up instead of getting the Upgrade. I uninstalled Supreme Preferences and that didn't solve "the mystery" either.

    I do feel there is a relationship between my selecting no battery display screen and AT&T battery installation crash while still inside Cydia (eg. the install display page break-up and crash).

    Note: No pirated apps or cr_cks.

    The laptop, nor Windows "sees" the iPod Touch. No power is going into the iPod Touch from the any of the four onboard USB connectors, either.

    What will fix this? Helpful replies please.

    The Last Edit: The "help" I got was having read Apple "Help" and help myself, more.

    I found my iPod Touch "original" cable by the third reboot and no response.

    I heard happy little Windows computer connecting device sounds followed by a balloon popup: "Apple Mobile Device Driver installed successfully" followed by the now not entirely annoying AutoPlay pop-up.

    Why did it install the "Apple Mobile Device Driver" only then?

    Does it really need to identify something in it's own Apple USB to iPod Touch cable?

    Is having to use the "original" iPod to USB cable a new iTunes 8.2 feature?

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