Apple has faultily engineered products...what a surprise. Hi everyone.

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    Welp...I'm here probably because of the same reason a lot of you are here. You either sought something a little bit more than what Apple was giving you on your iPod, or your iPod developed a problem and Apple just wasn't doing it for you anymore. I'm here because of the latter. My iPod's home button wore out, and I saw jailbreaking as the only viable option to get it to work again since my warranty ran out some time ago.

    I'm not new to computers, their parts, troublshooting computers or anything like that. In fact I like building them in my spare time, and I've gotten quite good at it over the years. What I AM new to is the whole jailbreaking scene. It used to be much simpler back when it was just the 1G. You just ran the jailbreak program and it practically took care of everything for you. Now that everything has changed so radically since the 3.x revision, I'm completely lost.

    I've already submitted a thread in what I believe might be the proper subforum with more detailed information about what I need help with. In the meantime, this might've served as a more or less proper introduction of sorts. If any of you have any questions about my other interests or expertise, feel free. You can refer to me as Link. Typing out all those numbers gets to be a hassle after a while. See you guys on the forums.

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