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    Category: Education
    Released: Mar 15, 2009
    Price: Free

    Bueno, entonces... ahora lo pueden ver gratis! This is a free preview of the Bueno, entonces... Spanish Learning series. Take a look at some funny bits and outtakes so you can get an idea of the style and structure of the class, and the tools provided. Bear in mind that these are just some clips from the first 15 classes that made us laugh - the complete classes are 35-40min long and packed full of vocabulary and grammar lessons. About "Bueno, entonces..." David is a cheeky Londoner learning Spanish in Buenos Aires. Jimena is his gorgeous Argentine teacher. Join their class and get an intensive Spanish immersion, pick up a little about Argentina & Latin America, and see how a some cultural tension provides the perfect backdrop for absorbing a foreign language. Witty, engaging, entertaining, and at times outrageous - "Bueno, entonces..." is unlike any other language program you've ever seen. This fast-paced series is comprised of 30 classes (35 minutes each, sold separately). Whether you are starting from scratch or an intermediate level, youâ��ll learn new vocabulary, grammar and correct pronunciation. In every class, as the relationship between David & Jimena becomes ever more complex, so does the level of Spanish. By the end of 30 classes, David is speaking conversationally, and so can you! SERIES FEATURES "Bueno, entonces..." is both audibly and visually stimulating, and moves very quickly. Don't expect to catch everything your first time through. It was developed to be challenging for Spanish students at every level, and it is anything but boring. If you are easily offended this might not be for you, but if you want to learn to speak and write like a native Spanish-speaker, using words and phrases that you would hear in Buenos Aires, Bogot�¡ or Barcelona, and you think you can keep up, give it a try. The series includes: - Four different native Spanish speakers - More than 18 hours of lessons in 30 classes - Color-coded Spanish text to help you get a feel for word usage and sentence structure - Symbols & illustrations to help you recognize vocabulary and verb tenses - English translations - Touch to start, stop, go back 5 seconds and resume the class - Quick access to symbol & color key - No internet connection needed: video and audio are self contained and installed on your device, allowing you to join in the class from anywhere - Chapter breakdown of each lesson so you can easily go back and review difficult concepts Whether you are learning for fun, travel, business, or school, with "Bueno, entonces..." you can learn to speak and write Spanish without risk of being bored to death, and you might just pick up some things the text books and audio classes will never teach you. Please view our page on Facebook to find out more about the series: http://www.facebook.com/pages/edit/?id=37184581462 SCHEDULED SOFTWARE UPDATES - Review quiz and flash cards - Ability to toggle on/off translations, symbols, illustrations, etc. - Ability to toggle on/off pause between vocabulary drills - Built-in, touchscreen activated dictionary

    Website: http://www.buenoentonces.com
    Support Website: http://www.buenoentonces.com

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