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    Category: Social Networking
    Released: July 26, 2008
    Price: Free

    Description: Palringo is a rich messaging service for mobile phones, PCs and Macs. We describe as 'rich' because not only can you send text-based messages to your contacts, but also pictures -- an all round richer messaging experience. Palringo is free to download and there are no hidden costs, catches or other charges. Palringo works by integrating with several popular messaging services : AOL's AIM, Google Talk, Yahoo! Messenger, Gadu Gadu, ICQ, Jabber and Windows Live Messenger. Palringo presents all your Instant Messaging (IM) contacts in a single list, whichever service your contacts are using. And of course, it shows whether or not they are online and whether they're on their mobile or at their desk. You can even use Palringo to contact your friends using iChat, Apple's IM application for Macs. You can instantly exchange text, photos and receive voice-based IMs with individual contacts, or you can set up groups and send simultaneously to all of them - and sending any message is a really quick, 'single-click' operation. Using Palringo uses hardly any data: just one megabyte is sufficient for Palringo to send and receive the equivalent of about 4,500 SMS messages, send and receive about 32 picture messages, or receive up to 15 minutes of vocal instant messages! Stay in touch with your social network on the move.

    Get it on iTunes: Palringo Limited (http://ax.phobos.apple.com.edgesuit...2Fwa%2FviewSoftware%3Fid%3D286274367%26mt%3D8)
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    i made a group called ipod touch fans

    for the site chat, on Palringo

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