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    Category: Education
    Released: May 14, 2009
    Price: $9.99

    Watermelon Express is revolutionizing the way test takers are interacting with educational content. "From the creators of GRE Review & GRE Connect"_______________________________________________________ GMAT Review is the most comprehensive review tool for GMAT preparation. � Covers Math, Verbal and Writing� Over 500 pages worth of material� Mentor Exercises and solutions� 15+ essay samples with explanations Best content...best format...easy to use.________________________________________ CONTENTGMAT Review has more and better content than any book available. This app covers all the aspects of GMAT: Math, Verbal and Writing. Math� Algebra� Geometry� Inequalities� Sequences� Probability� Number Theory� Word problems..... and 13 more topics Every section includes detailed theory, sample questions with explanations and easy to remember tricks. Verbal� Logic Arguments� Reading Comprehension� Sentence Completion..... with more than 100 pages worth material. Writing� Analysis of an Issue (8 examples)� Analysis of an Argument(3 examples)� Punctuation� Argument� Structure.... and 5 more topics. FORMATAll the content is arranged by topic and category for easy navigation. App uses a combination of flash cards, long explanations, examples and mentor exercises to help students learn complex topics like probability. FEATURES� Bookmarking: bookmark topics that you want to access later. Bookmarked topics can be accessed from the main screen.� Navigation: by category and by topic navigation This app is designed to help GMAT test takers learn the basics behind each topic. For any questions, please contact us at info@watermelonexppress.com________________________________________ Happy Prepping!!!Best Luck!

    Website: http://www.watermelonexpress.com/
    Support Website: http://www.watermelonexpress.com/

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    Get it on iTunes: GMAT Review

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