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    Category: Education
    Released: Oct 14, 2008
    Price: $34.99

    **VERSION 1.0 NOTE** Please note that version 1.0 of this application contains a bug that may not properly save or display user notes. This has been addressed in the forthcoming version 1.1 update, which has been submitted to the store and will be a free update for all users. -- New from Modality, the creators of bestselling medical applications for the iPhone and iPod touch! From Lippincott Williams & Wilkins' popular Board Review Series, Gross Anatomy Flash Cards for the iPhone and iPod touch take a clinically relevant approach to the study of gross anatomy. 250 concise flash cards highlight the need-to-know information for course review and USMLE Step 1 preparation on-the-go. Utilizing a short definition or phrase that triggers the recall of an answer, each card prompts students to commit a key point to memory, allowing for high-yield review and retention of the studied concepts and structures. These flash cards can be used alone or as a study supplement to the full Board Review Series text. Examples: Question: This defect results from the fusion of the inferior poles of the kidney during development Answer: Horseshoe kidney â�� this developmental defect results from an impediment to migration of the kidneys by the root of the inferior mesenteric artery; this relatively innocuous anomaly can predispose to obstruction and/or infection and occurs with increased frequency in patients having Turnerâ��s syndrome -- Question: Can result in the inability to extend the elbow, wrist, or digits (wrist drop) and is associated with poorly fitting crutches Answer: Injury to the posterior cord â�� sometimes known as â��crutch palsyâ�� because it often results from injury to the posterior cord, primarily the radial nerve, caused by crutches that are too long Features include: â�¢Unique flash card interface enables fast navigation through card sets â�¢â��Study Setâ�� feature that allows you to bookmark and save difficult or important cards for future review â�¢Shuffle mode for quick study within sections or with all sections â�¢Search functionality to help you find specific anatomical structures and terms â�¢Ability to add personalized notes to each card â�¢Flash cards organized into eight sections of the body Sections: â�¢Thorax â�¢Abdomen â�¢Pelvis/Perineum â�¢Spine â�¢Lower Extremity â�¢Upper Extremity â�¢Head/Neck â�¢Central Nervous System All content �© Wolters Kluwers Health | Lippincott Williams & Wilkins ABOUT MODALITY Modality is dedicated to bringing top quality, trusted learning and reference applications to your iPhone and iPod touch. Our guiding principles are: 1. Use trusted content - Each Modality application is based on learning and reference content you trust from leading authors and publishers. Most applications contain all of the information found in the corresponding print product, and many contain extra content and features found nowhere else. 2. Create quality applications - Our goal is to create premier applications that make the most of the content on which they are based while leveraging the unique features of the iPhone and iPod touch. 3. Constantly improve and innovate - Your feedback helps to shape the future of these applications and is invaluable as we strive to make them the best that they can be. 4. Offer a deep catalog - We are working on hundreds of products for the iPhone and iPod touch. For more information, and to see what's coming when, please visit http://www.modalitylearning.com We strongly encourage user feedback - please contact us with any questions, suggestions, or concerns at support@modalitylearning.com. We read your emails every day and are working to incorporate your suggestions and feedback into improving our products and your customer experience.

    Website: http://modalitylearning.com
    Support Website: http://modalitylearning.com

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    Kinda goofy - they release this App, knowing there is an impacting bug.

    Poor QC if you ask me.

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