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Discussion in 'iOS Jailbreak & Cydia' started by csdonz, Jan 3, 2008.

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    categorize- is this safe to use and will my icons stay as they are if i put certain apps into categores

    iPhysics, i like the levels you get with it but the levels i download i find too hard, mainly cus i can't get the ball to go up hill (eg up a ramp)

    psx4all- is this slow or fast emulator

    gpSPhone- i downloaded this and added roms but the roms are quit skippy (eg. they don't run smoothly they jump alot) also the buttons on the 'Transparent' keypad that came with the emulator seem to be out of position if i press the middle of the Directional pad it moves right? how can i sort this? i would also like a more transparent better looking keyboard

    Web Apps on Springboard- i would like a direct like to certain websites i like (eg Bebo, iLounge and this ipod touch fans but how can i get them on the springboard and get an icon for them??? i know this is possible because i found a facebook one in the installer - i have set this up for one of my email accounts but is it possible to set it up for another one (so i have 2 accounts to choose from)

    Change the Colour of the bar at the very top of my Springboard here

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    Reccommendations- can you recommend me app and games that i could get for my ipod touch

    I will add to this later if there is any other questions i have so please check back here


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