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Discussion in 'iOS Jailbreak & Cydia' started by oriol003, Dec 28, 2007.

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    Well unfortunately the Ipod touch youtube doesn't have a way to subscribe to a user so I thought some one should make a simple app to do it.

    Youtube has an rss feed for all the users

    It would be pretty much making a modified version of the RSS Reader but this would have the picture of the video and tittle with description.

    So if someone wants to subscribe to them they would simply enter their yotube username or the hole adress and the app would retrieve all their latest videos and added to their "subscriptions." When theres a new video the user can tapp it and it would automatically open the youtube app with the video. Youtube's RSS shows the Thumbnail of the video so am I think it should be use to display the video. The Subscription Page would be pretty much a list of videos like youtubes Featured page with an add/edit button on the top.

    Yes I do know there is an RSS reader but it just doesn't work good and you would have to exit then go to youtube then search the video name find it and play it...

    Thats just an idea I have and I think it should be possible if anyone could and wants to make it well go ahead am pretty sure this would benefit a lot of users.

    And if theres one available already let me know!

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