anyone else wanna try [for r4ds or m3 simply]

Discussion in 'Console & PC Gaming' started by berky93, Jun 12, 2008.

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    ok so while I was waiting to get my r4ds chip in the mail, I decided to make a theme for it. I got a template online and made all of the required images, named them correctly and made them the right image type, and configured a theme.ini file for it.

    but I put it into my ds and it doesnt work. my other themes work, but when it gets to this one it tells me it switched to it, but just keeps the same theme active as was before I tried to switch. so after many tweaks and change attempts I've given up. i'm content with my current set-up anyway.

    but I figure maybe someone else wants to try this. so attached is my theme, based off of an ipod touch theme (guess which one

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    ) and if anyone wants to try it youre free to. also, if you can get it to work, then post it back here or tell me, because then there could be an actual release of it...

    in the zip the folder isnt named theme[number] but I rename dit to that whe I tried to use it.

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    I will try tomorrow (1am), i have been a while in the r4ds/simply theme scene

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