Anybody else noticing no need for 755 PERMISSION and/or THUMBNAIL.PNG's on 1.1.3???

Discussion in 'iPod touch Firmware 1.1.3 Discussions' started by redgtxdi, Feb 10, 2008.

  1. redgtxdi

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    So, since I just 1.1.3JB'd 3 different touches today, everybody that asks me wants me to set 'em all up pretty w/ whatever their favorite thing is........(sports, art, science, whatever)......and after a couple hours in front of a half-dozen screens I start forgetting stuff and I was forgetting to set permissions to 755 in SSH and also forgetting to make thumbnails for wallpaper........BUT..........

    They're working anyway!!!!


    In fact, I have yet to come acrossed anything (sliders, masks, bars) that need any permission changes and EVERY SINGLE wallpaper I've copied or made today has just copied right over and shown up in Wallpaper.

    Is this specific to 1.1.3??? Am I just getting lucky ???

    (Eyes gettin' blurry, need to grab a beer!)

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  2. brosmooth

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    Jan 26, 2008
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    yea... but think about it, if uve ever looked at the screen when u input the 755, there are little boxes under it which correspond to the number, 755 is just a shortcut number to tell it what it can do to taht file, like read it, execute it, and something else. With pics all it has to do is read it, which is already selected when its on 655 or whatever that default number is, but say with the emus its needs to be able to do it all so u have to set th permissions to 777, which has all the boxes checked......

    just think about it, commen sense will set in and you get it
  3. drkassassin

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    2G iPod touch
    umm im pretty sure pictures dont need permissions changing
    and the ipod touch has always made thumbnails itself upon reading the image

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