Any1 know of a good Diary/Journal/Writing app?

Discussion in 'iPad' started by Jodene =o), Aug 5, 2010.

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    Has anyone found (and more specifically....USED.... for any length of time).. a good journalling/writing/diary type app for the iPad?

    I don't really want just a notes-type app, but something that you can write properly (novel, diary-like) into. I HAVE searched, and I'm aware of the top ones listed in iTunes, it's just they have no real feedback, and I'm reluctant to spend the money on something that sucks....when I can get feedback first.

    So here's hoping one of you guys (or gals), out there have some practical experience with a great app!

    PS. I like the looks of, and would like to know more about....

    Chronicle for iPad
    My Own Diary HD
    MaxJournal for iPad
    Daily Notes (Pretty icon!)
    My Writing Nook for iPad

    if you have any information on them....

    Oh... and I'm also aware of (and have) Evernote (UGLY icon!).. but haven't really used it yet. Anyone enamoured of it out there that can turn me around on it??? I opened it once and closed it straight back down... maybe I just wasn't ready for a proper look at it, haha!

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