Any1 have the source for FW CHANGER?

Discussion in 'iOS Jailbreak & Cydia' started by birdman472, Feb 15, 2009.

  1. birdman472

    birdman472 Guest

    hey guys i was just wondering if any1 had the source for a cydia.installer fw changer thsat works with 2.x?

    edit: NVM sorry about creating a new thread i just really wanted to find it, but i realized i had t search for it as fwchanger, not fw changer.

    ill just sit down now...
  2. huzz

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    Nov 4, 2007
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    I still need to find it for 1.1.5. Please help, thx. I tried looking at the forum and still cant find anything. it's no longer on installer.

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