Any tips for my Theme without Winterboard?

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    Hi there,

    I'm currently in the process of making a theme on my 3G. I will not be using Winterboard because of unacceptable loading times and bad memories.

    It is a hybrid of the Double-bar lockscreen, A simplified version of Delnoch's springboard theme, and the Black Interface theme.
    Also, the springboard/lockscreen wallpaper will change every 20 min via Bosspaper.

    This is the desired result:

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    This is what I am currently at:

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    [Note: PCalc's icon and the icon labels are not a problem]

    Some problems I am stuck on are:

    - Locating the native folder of the Springboard page-dots.
    - How to add the overlay for easier viewing of the custom icon titles.
    - Continuously running the weather/date without Winterboard.
    - Same image for the Lockscreen and Springboard Wallpaper.
    - The locations for all the images to be replaced by their black counterparts.

    Any comments will be greatly appreciated!!

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