any idea whats wrong?

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    Desperatly Need Help!

    Hi everyone,
    This started about 4 days ago when I tried to re jailbreak my ipod touch 2g cause I wanted to clean it out but when I tried it gave me the error 1604. So I spent thirty minutes trying to figure out witch mode to put it in to just get the ipod to reformat to the normal firmware. Now every time with any style (manual or any gui / tethered or untethered) I always get the error 1604.

    I've even uninstalled every apple related software on my hard drive and reinstalled it and to still no avail. What it does is it does the pre jailbreak fine (I think) cause the screen goes white. Then when I try to jailbreak it it switches from the white screen to a bright black screen then hangs on "preparing ipod for restore" till it just stops and says "error 1604." The ipod is still on the black light up screen. It's getting confusing cause as soon as I am actually able to restore it to the normal firmware (having to go into regular restore mode) when its done if I try to restore it again like a normal ipod touch, just in case, I get an error 1602 any ideas on why it's doing this and how to get around it or even if I can?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks
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    plz anyone anything that could help somehow would be great

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