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    Nov 9, 2009
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    iPod touch
    Hello, from Sunny Orange!
    I have recently bought myself a 1st gen 16gb Ipod T, and im still working it all out. I am weighing up the pros and cons of the jailbreaking idea, but im still a bit confused by it all, so im hoping to find someone to give me some info and support.
    My personality stinks (or some people think so) as im not much of one for sugar coating things, mind you I do keep to forum rules.
    Im a big animal nerd, not so much in the cute cuddly way, they just facinate me, I have my own managery here. So im always on the lookout for any animal related apps.
    I also do a fair amount of drawing, such as the poor scribble in my avatar and other things like banners and stuff across the net. But i mostly do it for the fun of it, and i have sketchbook app and its great! Although i wish i had a good quality stylus to draw with.

    Looking forward to meeting you all. It will take me a while to learn the lingo and abbvieviations, so bare with me.

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