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    [NEWS!] New iPhone3GS!

    http://theappleblog.com/ has just announced that Apple is announcing a new iPhone today!
    - It will be 3 times faster than the iPhone 3G!
    - It will be called the iPhone 3GS!
    - It will have a new camera: 3.2 Megapixle auto focus!
    - Capturing video with the iPhone is now possible on the new iPhone 3GS: 30 frames per second with auto focus, exposure control, and more!
    - Videos are saved and kept in your photo library and you can edit the video on the iPhone 3GS!
    - They can be uploaded to YouTube and sent via MMS!
    - It will have voice recognition so you can talk to the iPhone to control your music or make calls!
    - New accessibility controls for those with disabilities.
    - Now has support for Nike+
    - Battery life will now be up to 9 hours of surf time. 30 hours of audio time.
    - And it all comes with a price tag of $199 for 16GB model and $299 for 32GB model.
    - It will be released and made available by June 19!

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