Anime Animoticons-kaoani smilies for EMAIL, MMS Text Messaging FRE is out now

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    Kaoani comes from the japanese KAO - Face and ANI - Animation. Kaoanis are little animated smilies that usually look like they are floating.

    The origin of the kaoani is Japan. As a normal user is kind of difficult to be surfing in the japanese sites that have these animations and many times the sites dissapear.

    "Anime Animotioncs" is a collection of kaoani we've found surfing the web and want to share with fans!

    You can share these cute,funny Anime animoticons with your
    friends by Email, MMS Text Mssaging!


    # Easy to pick up
    # iOS 4 support
    # Preview of each animation
    # Works with any MMS-enabled phone
    # Favorites with Add/Remove features
    # MMS & Email with a tap
    # Copy animations to clipboard
    # Built-in In-App Mailer

    iTunes Link:

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