Android SOS! is now released & on $0.99 sale!

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    (Please move it to new release forum as I don't have the permission)

    Finally our new game "Android SOS!" is now available in App store!
    Download link:

    This incridible game is now on $0.99 sale so please hurry up.

    So what is "Android SOS"?
    At the first, we want to make it clear it is not Google's stuff

    - Game description
    This unique survival game is different from the others. Unlike those you just get scores at the end, your skills will be rewarded: New robots with special capabilities will be unlocked, new enemies will join the competition and also your skill will be assessed for a further position. (Yeah!)

    In this game you will control your robot to avoid the attack from the variant enemies inside a secured room and use your talent to fight back or just run for your life. Each enemy has their own unique way to make an attack so keep your eye open! Multiple robots with different special abilities are available for you to join the fight.

    Now put your hands on the screen, control your direction, and you will be immediately amazed by how great it is.

    The default robot available for you is called "Labby" which has the special ability of "heavy armor". And the other robots' secrets are waiting for you to discover.

    In the game you will get shield and fuel to boost your abilities, and more items are currently under reviewing.

    - How to play?
    Use Left/Right virtual button to run --- Easy to master but you think it is a piece of cake? Check it out!

    There are couples of secrets in this game, I hope you could reveal it...let's begin!

    - So what's the next?
    We are planning to release more features including extra enemies(Submitted), stages, even new robots so your comments are more than welcome!

    Game screenshot

    Game title

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    Choose your robot!

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    Battle field!

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