And Another One Bites The Dust

Discussion in 'Latest Tech News and Rumors' started by Chicken, Dec 4, 2009.

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    Yes, another one bites the dust another "jailbreak team" has come out as being fake. I'm talking about s4ph.

    After their fake screenshots and rubbish about giving up on the project... then proceeded by passwords to get the app, which in fact wasn’t an app.

    So here goes a little explanation.

    They started with their so called "proof" of a screenshot, which was proved to be done in Photoshop CS3 by one of the commenters in the post.

    They later accepted that the screenshot was fake and proceeded to give more "proof" with the contents of their help file. Seriously? Did anyone believe this after that... well it seemed some people still did. I suspect this us out of being desperate for an untethered solution.

    Their plans were nearly as bad as that of [PIRACY]fa1l.

    So after the whole screenshot fiasco they decided to put up a link to a file.. that was password protected they then said they were going to be distributing the password to those people who they thought to be worthy enough of the program. As far as we know no one got these passwords.

    It seems as though someone cracked this password and it was "wep3" it then seems that once S4ph found this out they changed the file link to a different file. Although this can be debated as they deny it. But after lying to us I don't believe anything they say.

    "Farewell" the second to last blogpost at the current time of writing. They have said they will no longer be posting in the blog. They go through how they got together and then state "Well, the team is fake… but the program’s not." Yeah because we all believe that

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    Next s4phwinsthegame.. the last blog post. Oh wait. I thought you were going? I thought you were going to leave the blog forever. No? Doesn't surprise me :| They leave with
    A study. A study of what? How gullible people are? OK here's your results. VERY.

    I thought we'd all learnt from [PIRACY]fa1l but I guess not. Point of this post. These teams are bad for leading you on. The people who believe them are even worse.
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    sh*t just tried s4phwinsthegame as the rars password, its the new rars password guys. final proof that this sh*t is fake

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