Amazing Ninja Buddy v1.4 - Official Thread

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    Hello All,

    The Amazing Ninja Buddy version 1.4 update has finally hit the app store:
    More information here:

    Here is what the update brings to the table:

    - Massively streamlined assets to reduce ram and improve loading time drastically
    - New move added: Swipe up with two fingers to backflip
    - Mini games now begin by one-touch menu
    - Unlockable moves are now permanent
    - The mute button now works
    - A few minor bug fixes

    Thank you for all of your support so far; if you like Ninja Buddy we would really appreciate it if you wrote a nice review (or dinged your old review if you've put one in already).

    We plan to continue with quick and frequent updates, so keep sending us suggestions; Thanks!!

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