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    I guess it's time for another review. This time, it's Amateur Surgeon. It's a game where you have to do surgery to various amounts of patients.....using everyday used (sort of) tools. I've played the game for a while now and it's time to give my review. Let's begin.

    First of all, there is sort of a story in this game. Your just an ordinary guy,driving his car and all of a sudden out of no where, a doctor just comes out and you hit him. You attempt to revive him and once you successfully do that, he decides to teach you how to do surgery, since you revived him. But not in a hospital but in an ordinary garage using basic tools. At first, it sounded funny to me. I mean doing your own garage.......using basic tools.....that's just weird but it sounds funny.

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    Right, so here are the total patients you need to perform surgery to (there are some more). There are ten people in each file and there are a total of 3 files to be completed. Yes you can see 4 but the fourth one is a secret file. Here are three special surgeries to carry out. One is a robot i believe, another is a superhero and the other is a.....uh......well it look's like a car covered with some sheet i think? Well, that's for you to find out. Anyway each patient has different kinds of problems, such as bullet's in the organs, glass in the lungs, some deep cut's in the skin, poison in the blood, there's just alot to do. Also, once you complete the surgery, you get a rating. Ok, i'm bad at it but so what? I loved doing the surgeries because it's fun and the character's look funny. I really enjoyed it.

    Either perform outside....

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    .......or the inside

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    So,here are the gameplay screen shots. Look's good. But don't think that the game is very easy. You have to know what you are doing. The cut's you see on the first screen shot come in big and small sizes. If it is big, then you'll have to staple the cut,burn it and heal it. If it is small, then burn it and heal it. But the cut's are sometimes un-predictable. But don't worry if his heart-beat rate goes down. Just use a........corkscrew..which is combined with some special cream and inject it ON HIS CHEST! Then there object's stuck on the cut. Just use the tongs and slowly pull it out and put it on the tray. There are various tool's in this game you can use. When i first played the game, i had no clue what to do. But of course the doctor will say how to do some procedures. Wait, do you know what item's you'll use in the game? Well, let's check them out...

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    (The order is from top to bottom)

    Slicer - This tool is used to either, cut the skin outside to enter and see the inside organs,cut the organ or skin to remove objects inside it or cut the poisoned skin to let the poison out. This is probably the most commonly used tool in the game

    Tong - Used to grab and slowly remove any objects that are stuck either in the body. You must take it very slowly or his heart-rate will go down.

    Pain relief - Now after you burn a cut or wound, you have to put this around the cut or wound to heal it down and the cut will disappear

    Stapler - If the cut's are big, then one you are ready to patch it up, you usually stitch the cut. But in this game you staple it. Staple the top,bottom and middle and it should say either 'OK' or maybe if you have, 'COMBO'.

    Vaccum - Here you can suck up the poison or any liquid in the skin. To use, just touch it and there will be a red box going left and right. Just follow that red box to suck the liquid.

    Lighter - This tool is important because once you staple the cut or have any small cuts, you must burn the wound and then the wound becomes sealed. But if you use it inappropriately, a burn will be caused, which requires you to use a pain relief to heal the burn. The pain relief also must be used after burning the wound

    Corkscrew - This contains a special cream in which when injected, will increase the heart-rate of the patient. To use it, just touch and hold on to the body, then follow the red circle going around, just like the Vaccum, and the cream will be injected.

    Etchy Sketchy - When used, the surgeon will place this on top and will display the hidden objects hidden in the body. Then you must use the slicer and slice the exact location where you saw that objects, then the object will be visible.

    Chainsaw - Use this in order to cut the whole organ out or cut any hard objects such as bones. To use it, start it and then follow the yellow lines in order as quickly as possible to avoid extra damage.

    Car Battery - ONLY USE THIS IF THE PATIENT'S HEART HAS STOPPED! Ok, if it has stopped, just use it on his body. If you use this while the heart is still beating or the patient is alive, the heart will stop immediately.

    Now these are the tools you use...but on what wounds? Well, here are the kinds of injuries you may encounter

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    Small Cut - Just ordinary cuts, Just burn it up and heal it with Pain Relief that's all.

    Big Cut - If you make a big cut on the body, it will direct you to the inside of the body. To heal it, just staple it, burn it and pu some pain relief

    Burn - This is caused when you use the lighter inappropriately. To cure it, just use the pain relief.

    Fire - If you encounter this, just use the vacuum and suck up a liquid (blood). Then use the vacuum on the base on the fire to put it out.

    Surface Extraction - If an object is stuck on the body, just use a tong and pull it out slowly.

    Under Surface Extraction - The object is hidden somewhere. To know where this is, just use the Etchy Sketchy and if displayed, cut the exact place where it was and then slowly cut the skin surrounding it and finally slowly pull it out.

    Poison - Take a slicer and just make cut's on the poison to splash the poisoned blood. Then take the vacuum and suck the poisoned liquid. But note that the poison slowly spreads until dealt with

    Tracking Chips - Use the Etchy Skecthy and cut as usual. Then use the lighter to release from the seal. But quickly heat the explosion debris before the patient dies.

    Organ Transparent - Use a chainsaw to release the infected organ. Then chop it into pieces and drop them using the tongs. Now take the new organ and replace it and burn and heal.

    What i have to say about the tools and the injuries are amazing. There's alot to do and it's fun to try them out. Ok, finally i have to talk about the graphics and soundtrack. Well, the graphics aren't really 3D but the game runs at a good framerate and does not crash actually. But there is not much of music. There's just some some slow techno music during the surgery and main menu.

    Even though i did not actually finish the game yet, you can check out the gadgets and tools which you can use in later levels.

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    Worth Buying?
    Hmm.....well, it does keep you busy for quite a while. Well for me, when i finish 3 patients i get a bit bored. But before that, i pretty much have a bit fun with it. So the final worth buying? Yes.......unless your scared of blood and organs

    SCORE 8.3/10

    Price - $2.99
    Developer - [adult swim]
    Worth Buying? - Yes

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    Wow, great review! Your writing skills are really coming along in leaps and bounds! Just to make the presentation better can I suggest you right justify the text blocks and leave the images centered as they are.

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