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    hey guys, like im awesome with CAD, at least im at the top of my class in my school district, but for those of you who know about the software autodesk inventor it is quite pricey, but i want to use a CAD program like this over the summer to increase my abilities with it, so could anyone help me, could you guys tell me some freeware CAD software or if it costs something but not too much, ive already tried google sketchup but i dont like it much, something possibly with the UI like inventor but im not too picky.


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    Try Blender. It's not the same interface at ALL. but, there are about fifty million youtube tutorial videos. Here's a little about it:

    It's FREE!
    It has a ton of features such as: 3d game creation, high quality renders/video renders, ray mirroring and transparency, 3d fluid simulation, animation, sculping, partical motion and many many more.

    So if you try blender, you'll be really confused at first, but after you go through youtube tutorials, you'll start understanding. It's a fun program to learn because the results can look darn good!
    Good luck!

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