All Apps Frozen!!!

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by stevenplanet, Jan 14, 2008.

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    Here is what my friend is experiencing. Anybody got any ideas?

    [13:51] stevenplanet2008: hey
    [13:51] slobaburt: hi
    [13:51] slobaburt: my ipod is broken... :'(
    [13:51] stevenplanet2008: what?
    [13:51] stevenplanet2008: maybe i can help u
    [13:51] slobaburt: I installed the screen shot program
    [13:52] slobaburt: and now when it boots it flashed black and white over and over
    [13:52] slobaburt: after three hard reboots
    [13:52] slobaburt: I got it to come on
    [13:52] slobaburt: but I can't click on uninstall or anything
    [13:52] slobaburt: Think I can use Cute FTP
    [13:52] slobaburt: to remove the program?
    [13:52] stevenplanet2008: why don't you do a restore
    [13:52] stevenplanet2008: you might have a virus or sumthing
    [13:52] slobaburt: If worse comes to worse I will
    [13:53] slobaburt: but this all happened after I got snapshot working
    [13:53] stevenplanet2008: dang..
    [13:53] slobaburt: the snap and view buttons appeared
    [13:53] slobaburt: the the top left finally
    [13:53] stevenplanet2008: So can you use your ipod
    [13:53] stevenplanet2008: for music and videos
    [13:53] stevenplanet2008: does it still work?
    [13:54] *** You have been disconnected. Mon Jan 14 13:54:07 2008.
    [13:54] *** "slobaburt" signed on at Mon Jan 14 13:54:14 2008.
    [13:54] slobaburt: the web page that was anready entered loads up though
    [13:54] slobaburt: in safari
    [13:54] slobaburt: so it isn't totally broken
    [13:54] stevenplanet2008: Whats wrong with it though?
    [13:54] stevenplanet2008: I don't get it
    [13:54] slobaburt: I can only touch things in the menu screen
    [13:55] stevenplanet2008: REally?
    [13:55] slobaburt: once I get into a program it is forzen
    [13:55] slobaburt: frozen
    [13:55] stevenplanet2008: Then you should definately restore
    [13:55] slobaburt: but I can get back to the menu screen by pressing home
    [13:55] stevenplanet2008: but the ur ipod is useless
    [13:55] slobaburt: can't I use FTP to delete the snap shot program?

    [13:55] slobaburt: Then maybe it will be back to normal?
    [13:55] stevenplanet2008: try going into your applications folder
    [13:56] slobaburt: I'm connecting now
    [13:56] stevenplanet2008: ok
    [13:56] slobaburt: hmm..
    [13:56] slobaburt: can't connect
    [13:56] slobaburt: oh wait
    [13:56] slobaburt: Zonealarm
    [13:56] stevenplanet2008: the ip address changes
    [13:56] slobaburt: it always blocks it
    [13:56] stevenplanet2008: you have to re enter it
    [13:57] slobaburt: got connected
    [13:57] stevenplanet2008: ok
    [13:58] slobaburt: I guess I'll just delete the screenshot folder
    [13:58] slobaburt: then reboot
    [13:58] slobaburt: sound good?
    [13:58] stevenplanet2008: yeah
    [13:58] stevenplanet2008: wait
    [13:58] stevenplanet2008: wait
    [13:58] stevenplanet2008: WAIT
    [13:58] slobaburt: uhh...
    [13:58] stevenplanet2008: uhhh, this might now work..
    [13:58] slobaburt: I already deleted the folder
    [13:59] slobaburt: before I read wait.....
    [13:59] stevenplanet2008: nvmind
    [13:59] slobaburt: but I haven't rebooted
    [13:59] stevenplanet2008: rebot
    [13:59] slobaburt: what were you thinking?
    [13:59] slobaburt: k
    [13:59] stevenplanet2008: reboot
    [13:59] slobaburt: I am
    [13:59] stevenplanet2008: im hungry...
    [13:59] slobaburt: you live hungry!
    [13:59] stevenplanet2008: lolz
    [13:59] stevenplanet2008: is there snow where you live?
    [14:00] slobaburt: no
    [14:00] stevenplanet2008: me neither
    [14:00] stevenplanet2008: we never get snow
    [14:00] slobaburt: I think we got one inch 5 years ago
    [14:00] slobaburt: LOL
    [14:00] stevenplanet2008: really
    [14:00] slobaburt: none since then
    [14:00] stevenplanet2008: did u see my new vid?
    [14:00] slobaburt: not yet
    [14:00] slobaburt: just got on the computer
    [14:00] stevenplanet2008: o
    [14:00] slobaburt: when you said hey
    [14:00] slobaburt: nope
    [14:00] slobaburt: didn't work
    [14:01] slobaburt: going to do a hard reboot
    [14:01] stevenplanet2008: RESTORE
    [14:01] slobaburt: yeah, but then I have to jailbreak and reload all those apps!
    [14:01] slobaburt: And I had just gotten it perfect too!
    [14:01] slobaburt: Plus all my music!
    [14:01] stevenplanet2008: or u can restore to 1.1.1 and leave it like that.
    [14:02] slobaburt: no, then my internet doesn't work
    [14:02] stevenplanet2008: jailbreaking 1.1.1 is easy
    [14:02] stevenplanet2008: o
    [14:02] stevenplanet2008: yeah
    [14:02] slobaburt: I thought 1.1.2 was easy too
    [14:02] stevenplanet2008: thats weird.
    [14:02] stevenplanet2008: 1.1.2 u need a computer
    [14:02] slobaburt: but since I have one
    [14:02] slobaburt: no problem
    [14:02] slobaburt: hmm...
    [14:03] slobaburt: any other ideas before I restore
    [14:03] slobaburt: and spend the next two hours reloading apps and music?
    [14:03] stevenplanet2008: so u can tap the home screen, but when u go in an app it freezes?
    [14:03] slobaburt: The app itself freezes
    [14:03] slobaburt: but not the ipod
    [14:03] stevenplanet2008: k
    [14:03] slobaburt: I can hit the home button again
    [14:03] slobaburt: and get back to home
    [14:03] stevenplanet2008: how bout installer
    [14:03] stevenplanet2008: does it freeze?
    [14:03] slobaburt: installer loads and refreshed sources
    [14:03] slobaburt: but I can't tap uninstall
    [14:03] slobaburt: or scroll or anything
    [14:04] stevenplanet2008: weird.
    [14:04] slobaburt: very
    [14:04] slobaburt: but I have the snap and view buttons at the top left
    [14:04] slobaburt: they won't go away
    [14:04] slobaburt: and I can't press them
    [14:04] slobaburt: it must be snap shot
    [14:04] stevenplanet2008: weird
    [14:04] slobaburt: oh
    [14:04] stevenplanet2008: I'll look around
    [14:04] slobaburt: and dock it GONE!
    [14:04] slobaburt: no glow in the bottom anymore
    [14:04] stevenplanet2008: o
    [14:04] stevenplanet2008: hmmm
    [14:04] stevenplanet2008: but safari works
    [14:05] slobaburt: it loads the page already entered
    [14:05] stevenplanet2008: o
    [14:05] slobaburt: but I can't tap the address bar
    [14:05] stevenplanet2008: can u move around the page?
    [14:05] slobaburt: to take it to a differet page
    [14:05] slobaburt: no
    [14:05] stevenplanet2008: dang...
    [14:05] slobaburt: it is as if the touch screen part of the touch it broken
    [14:05] slobaburt: and nothing else
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    Oct 15, 2007
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    this happened to me had to restore
  3. ollie77

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    Dec 26, 2007
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    I think you should summarize the conversation...
  4. Hellscell

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    Jan 13, 2008
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    yea way to much info, but i would just restore
  5. surfgeek

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    Nov 10, 2007
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    mine has just frozen also after installing screenshot. I can reboot, but get a flashing apple icon on launch. when you open any application, no buttons work at all. I have tried manually removing screenshot but no good.
    any suggestions ??

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