Alive 4-ever RETURNS game review

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    Alive 4 ever Returns is an awesome addition to your iphone games collection. What makes this game a really easy but yet fun game to play is the control system, one stick to move and the other stick to aim and shoot.

    The animation and sound is tight and with everything that goes on on the screen, no slow down. The levels and characters look well drawn and well designed.

    You have a choice of various charatcers with different abilities and attributes which can be upgraded, bigger weapons and health for example. Has the game plays the characters will unlock certain abilities and talents, and weapons can only be purchased has levels are completed.

    Has mentioned before, the sound and music are well used and add to the suspense of playing. People with weak stomaches can also play with the abitly to turn down or turn the gore completely off. I would very much recommend this game, 40 levels of pure gameplay delight. The price in the app store is very resonable and well worth checking out.

    Presentation & Graphics
    The overall presentation looks and feels very nice. The menu screen is well crafted and is very easy to negotiate around. The graphics looks fantastic and there is no slowdown and is a pleasure to watch.

    The music is very atmospheric and the growls of the zombies make you very wary of what is around the corner.

    Gameplay & Controls
    The graphics and gameplay make you want to carry on. The first couple of levels are easy and allow you to get use to the controls. With the controls, you may need a little time to adjust to the way the controls are implemented.

    Replay Value
    There is 40 levels of mayhem, zombies coming from everywhere. When i do complete the game i would really have another go trying to collect special items and beat my previous score.

    Value For Money
    If you like a good shoot 'em up and love glorious graphics and zombies, this game will entertain for hours. For what you get it is worth it... Buy it...

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    App Store Price:
    $1.99 US
    £1.19 UK

    Category: Games
    Apr 27, 2010
    Version: 1.0
    65.3 MB
    Seller: Mun Chi Dao

    © 2010 Meridian Digital Entertainment Limited

    LANGUAGES: English

    REQUIREMENTS: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 2.2.1 or later.
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    pictures would be nice.

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